Casa SD

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The site where the home is located is a residential area of Laguna de Duero, near the city of Valladolid, in Spain. The surroundings are formed by regular plots without any particular characteristics. That’s the reason why the house looks … Continuar leyendo

Roquetas Market

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We start with a very clear aim: to solve the adaptation of the old market hall of «Roquetas de Mar» to the new needs that arise, in the most simple, functional and economical manner. To achieve this, we decided to … Continuar leyendo

Europan 12

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The environment of Vila Viçosa is full of olive and cork trees that shape the spatial and mental landscape of the locals. We want to continue this beautiful natural environment in the intervention area, with a new plantation of olive … Continuar leyendo


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The project is conceived from two basic ideas: The adaptation of the new building to the slope of the terrain and the disposal of the access, connections and routes depending on the site characteristics. All the new building program is … Continuar leyendo


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Flexible Solution: It seems clear that the proposed solution should be able to bring art to places that don’t have access to it, but at the same time, thanks to its flexibility, versatility and representativeness, it should also give value … Continuar leyendo

Santillana Terraces

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The terrace that we propose allows the user to enjoy the place in a comfortable way. Covering fabrics provide protection from the sun and the platform that forms the pavement adapts to uneven terrain, ensuring a horizontal support for the … Continuar leyendo

Pilgrim Center in Røldal

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Our proposal for the new Pilgrims Center in Roldal is presented as a new meeting and reunion space, within a wide and impressive valley surrounded by beautiful high mountains. Through its urban deployment, the new building will connect in an … Continuar leyendo

Cabezón de Pisuerga

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The new civic center of Cabezon de Pisuerga is situated in an excellent plot of the village center, very close to the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. The whole idea comes from the initial decision of organizing the … Continuar leyendo


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With our project we want to create a link between man, industry and nature, proposing a modular system that generates a rich complexity. This is the way an industry would act to accomplish a specific goal. Fragmentation allows us to … Continuar leyendo

Fregenal de la Sierra

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The solution we adopt consists of a single new piece. The way this piece is inserted allows all the existing buildings that we want to preserve to be connected. Through this solution we economize resources according to the specific needs … Continuar leyendo


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Programmatic Simplicity We propose an efficient and flexible building thanks to the simplicity and clarity of its structure. We locate the whole program on the perimeter and leave the center empty to generate a large patio. This is a simple … Continuar leyendo

Europan 10

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The main objective of our proposal is to save resources by reusing existing structures in the area. If we consider that these existing structures are ill with wounds that man and time have created, our project is to act as … Continuar leyendo