Fregenal de la Sierra

The solution we adopt consists of a single new piece. The way this piece is inserted allows all the existing buildings that we want to preserve to be connected. Through this solution we economize resources according to the specific needs and characteristics of the site and at the same time we maximize the presence of the landscape into the plot.

By strategically placing this new building, four new courtyards are generated, with very different characteristics associated with the different functions offered by the hotel. The first one, the entrance courtyard, is linked directly to the reception and administration, from which you can access the second courtyard, linked to the guest services such as the spa and cafe. In the more private courtyard, related to the rooms, the pool will be located. Finally, we create another courtyard with a more public character, with access from the outside and attached to the restaurant. We prevail the principles of simplicity and efficiency by placing the kitchens, stores and services in a position that allows them to be used for both functions: celebrations hall and restaurant.

The constructive idea for the new building is to minimize the use of conventional heating and cooling, taking advantage of the weather and the sunlight of the south of Spain. The direct gain system (capturing the sun’s energy through glass surfaces) is combined with automated sun protection. In winter, the building opens itself to the sunlight and closes itself to the cold wind. Walls and concrete floors provide great heat storage potential (thermal mass). The building is designed with appropriately located areas or sectors so they can store enough heat during the day and keep it at a comfortable temperature overnight. On the contrary, in summer, the warm is delivered outside during the night, keeping the interior cool.

The building’s orientation allows good cross ventilation, using the differences in temperature and pressure between sides with opposite orientations, generating an air flow that facilitates a correct ventilation to maintain the hygrothermal comfort. To assure good warming during the whole winter, including the spa, we propose the use of geothermal energy, using the heat from inside the Earth in combination with controlled ventilation. Thus the new building will function as an energy source for the whole hotel.