Flexible Solution:
It seems clear that the proposed solution should be able to bring art to places that don’t have access to it, but at the same time, thanks to its flexibility, versatility and representativeness, it should also give value to the place in which they are implanted .
Therefore: A traveling exhibition space that can accommodate exhibitions and workshops? Yes. But, what if this mobile enclosure fits anywhere, gets really small when not in use, it can be added to another space or be independent, it is eye-catching and attractive, and it can make us realize about the potential that many of the existing abandoned spaces already have?
What if on top of that, such a module is cheap, easily transportable, recycled and can also be ready very quickly under any circumstances?

Exhibition space + Workshop classroom … Pump it up!:
Isn’t it the easiest, fastest, and most economical solution, a space that is generated only with air and a membrane?. Such a solution works almost like a living organism, which adapts to any environment and comes as a surprise when it is inflated.
It is the ultimate expression of ephemeral architecture and can also be mounted almost instantly. It quickly fills empty spaces, can be installed inside abandoned buildings or can embrace the facade of any building seeping through their holes.
An air bubble that appears and disappears, leaving no trace that the memory of the people who visit it. A pneumatic structure which uses little power, and folds easily, can be installed in soft or hard surfaces and with a minimum cost.

This exhibition space is composed of a few elements, very cheap or recycled, which work together as follows:
A second hand caravan will be adapted. On the outside the logo and the necessary information is painted. This will make it a recognizable element from afar, on the road and before the space has been installed. The back of the caravan will be reformed in order to install a fan, facing the rear hole. This gap will be enlarged and on its edges will overlap the translucent membrane that becomes the exhibition space when inflated. You extend the membrane, weights are placed on the perimeter, the floor is coated with a PVC cover and then you turn on the fan. In less than an hour the whole installation can be carried out.