Our proposal for the design of the new Exhibitor-Tables for the II Artist Book Fair of Madrid, starts on the idea of providing great flexibility, which is necessary given the variety of items to display.

Tables are composed of two main elements:

-Upper and lower panels:
Horizontal surfaces that create the top and the bottom plane of the tables. In the case of the top panel, the advantage of being a single continuous board allows the entire surface to display any type of book. The lower plane is an adequate support for the placement of the boxes which form the storage area and which are described below.

– Intermediate boxes:
These elements are placed between the boards discussed above.
The main advantage of these boxes is to provide the necessary rigidity to the whole element and simultaneously solve the storage space required. The pieces are designed with standard measures that can be organized in many ways, adapting to the different needs of each situation. Designed in different sizes, these boxes are usually open but can be closed by adding a simple door, being able to hide the elements you don’t want to show.

This solution allows the assembly and disassembly of the tables very easily, thanks to the independence of each of the boxes.