Santillana Terraces

The terrace that we propose allows the user to enjoy the place in a comfortable way. Covering fabrics provide protection from the sun and the platform that forms the pavement adapts to uneven terrain, ensuring a horizontal support for the furniture.

Our terrace is open, is related to the people directly and not through fences. It is implanted in a light, friendly and not massive manner. It doesn’t compete with the presence and image of the town, which is actually what the visitor wants to see when approaching Santillana del Mar.

The main aim in developing our proposal is to achieve a modular terrace, allowing multiple configurations to be created quickly and easily. Each site requires, because of its shape and size, a different arrangement of the terrace. With our modular approach this is achieved in an immediate way, through the simple gesture of placing the modules that constitute the whole of the terrace in the most appropriate way for each of the three proposed sites.
The modular nature allows further extensions or reductions in the size of the terraces, depending on the number of tourists in different seasons.

We paid special attention to the easy assembly and disassembly of all of the components of each module. The pallet which forms the ground plane is constructed in a simple way with strips which absorb any irregularity. The slats that build the pavement are placed directly on the strips. We will leave different holes where planters and support for the covering fabrics will be placed.