Casa SD

The site where the home is located is a residential area of Laguna de Duero, near the city of Valladolid, in Spain. The surroundings are formed by regular plots without any particular characteristics. That’s the reason why the house looks fundamentally inwards.

The project is organized around a central courtyard. The rooms open onto this patio, which connects with the garden and the pool through the porch. This relation generates a sequence of different degrees of outdoor spaces. The patio opens to the sky and closes on three sides, the porch is covered and closed on two sides and finally the garden is completely open.

The main entrance works as a break that creates two volumes. The first one contains the garage, the plant room and the storage areas and the second one includes all the living spaces.

The living areas are a series of connected spaces, which can keep their own character and independency with no actual divisions. The inner patio allows to generate this distinction but it also enables visual connections between rooms, interior and exterior spaces.

The whole house is organized on the ground floor, except for the guest room and the terrace, which look towards the landscape from the first floor.

Timber and brick are the materials that generate the structure. They are exposed both internally and externally with just a white paint finish for the brick.