Dr. Erika-Fuchs-Haus

The competition calls for designing a house-museum dedicated to Dr. Erika Fuchs. The proposed site is centrally located in the old town, with easy access via the road network and railway.

The existing buildings and ruins are classified as of little value and will be dismantled. The abandonment of the site has led to serious damage to the building, resulting in some moisture. Restoration is not recommended, particularly given the small budget.

The new building respects the previous dimensions and extends to approximately half the length of the property. The existing building is based on an enclosed courtyard, with two volumes of sloping roofs. We propose to combine the two main buildings.

The building will have two exhibition floors (ground and first) and a loft with room for technological installations. The ground floor can be accessed by road from the station in the Southwest. We take advantage of the slope to the northeast creating a basement. The current building height remains in the main facade.

By arranging the permanent exhibition in the basement, we allow the flow of visitors. The tour is not interrupted by gaps, such as stairs and other transitional spaces. Moreover, the large upper level headroom allows the possibility of displaying large objects or projections.

The lobby organization is based on a concept of flexible use and optimization of surfaces. Using a mobile division, different areas of the access area can be separated and used for different events.