Garden Pavilion

We conceive our project as a meeting place within the «Dehesa Park» in Soria. We propose a space where different activities will live together, by involving the people coming to the site.

The program takes place between two skins, similar but different, as if they are two phrases that shape the figure of speech which we use as our motto: «Calembur». The approaches or detachments between these two skins are produced to allow the housing of different features requiring more or less space respectively.

The outer skin is a vegetable skin. With this skin we want to integrate the experience of the park inside the building, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. It consists of a series of wires on which different types of climbing plants will grow, adding aesthetic interest to the facade and a changing character throughout the seasons. It will also provide other functions such as shadow, increased humidity and wind control, among others, generating a pleasant ecosystem.

We select appropriate plants considering the climate of Soria, facilitating its maintenance. Apart from its coverage capacity, color combinations between different foliages will make this skin an attractive facade.

The second skin is at the same time structure, bookcase and framework. In some parts it runs parallel and close to the green skin, creating a reading space, and in other parts it folds to accommodate the main requirements demanded by the program. Apart from working as a structural element, this skin can be filled with books that users may want to donate to the site. Through their participation, citizens collaborate in shaping this interior facade.

Once crossed these two skins, the visitor can access a free space, enclosed by two membranes but open and connected to the park. It may held small shows as poetry readings, storytelling … It is a flexible space, with direct relationship with the nature around, it has some trees, covered and non-covered areas. Also in this area we locate the covered terrace of the cafe, which may be closed by a system of sliding panels and used in fall and in winter.
The intention is to create with all these elements a new dynamic world to be discovered inside the park, where you can grab a coffee on the terrace, where children can play or read a book, or where cultural activities of all kind can take place.