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Arquia office

From the beginning we were attracted by the image of a continuous and transparent space where it could be possible to combine, in a controlled manner, the most public and the most private uses. We didn’t want any walls or … Continuar leyendo

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Europan 12

The environment of Vila Viçosa is full of olive and cork trees that shape the spatial and mental landscape of the locals. We want to continue this beautiful natural environment in the intervention area, with a new plantation of olive … Continuar leyendo

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The project is conceived from two basic ideas: The adaptation of the new building to the slope of the terrain and the disposal of the access, connections and routes depending on the site characteristics. All the new building program is … Continuar leyendo

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Flexible Solution: It seems clear that the proposed solution should be able to bring art to places that don’t have access to it, but at the same time, thanks to its flexibility, versatility and representativeness, it should also give value … Continuar leyendo

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Villalar Exhibition

With our project for ARQXXICYL exhibition we want to display the idea of a new architectural network in Castilla y León. The borders between regions are blurred in favor of a new circuit, a tour through the most representative architecture … Continuar leyendo

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Europan 11

COMMUNICATING VESSELS Communicating vessels is a name given to a set of containers containing a homogeneous fluid: when the liquid settles, it balances out to the same level in all of the containers The current situation in the Grenland area … Continuar leyendo